October 10, 2023

Former Iran Envoy Facing More Scrutiny

We recently did a report that revealed some disturbing communications between Biden administration officials and Iranian officials, among others.

With the attack against Israel, the conduct of former Iran Envoy Rob Malley has come back into the limelight.

Malley, if you recall, was put on leave after mishandling classified documents.

Needs to be Revisited

I firmly believe that in this quest to appease the far left, Biden has literally put enemies inside the White House.

I am on the record as having said that against several members of Congress as well, such as Reps. Tlaib (D-MI) and Omar (D-MN).

Malley was placed on leave for mishandling classified information, which has set off all types of alarms after this most recent attack.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is on the same page as me on this front.

He stated, “Rob Malley deserves extensive scrutiny — yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“These reports could not be more concerning, and they hint at what could be the worst State Department scandal since Alger Hiss.”

Gabriel Noronha, a former special adviser on Iran at the State Department, added, “Malley and others created an incredibly permissive environment for Hamas, for Iran, to do all these things.”

Noronha worked under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, adding that Malley and his team “purposefully funneled billions of dollars to [Iran] through lack of sanctions enforcement and provision of sanctions relief that has given them somewhere between $50 [billion] and $80 billion over the last two and a half years.”

Let’s also not forget that pallet of cash that Obama sent to Iran back in 2016.

A House Republican aide stated, “There is a straight line from Obama’s giveaway to Iran, to Biden’s enriching of Iran — to Iran’s war on Israel.”

The FBI was and is still investigating this incident, and recently discovered that Malley had been tied to influence operations that were being conducted by Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

Malley also served in Barack Obama’s administration.

In 2008, he stated, “It’s a mistake to only think of them in terms of their terrorist violence dimension. It has a charity organization, a social branch; it’s not something you can defeat militarily either and people need to understand that.

“There’s so much misinformation about them.

“None of them are crazies. They may do things that we consider to belong to a different realm of rationality, but within their own system it’s often very logical.

“If Hamas is not allowed to govern, if we squeeze them, and you know you may have good reason for doing that, but if you do that, we’ll tell you what the reaction will be — rockets. No doubt.

“And consolidation of Hamas’ power in Gaza. Both things have happened.”

To think these words came out of the mouth of an American official.

It is no wonder our enemies have absolutely zero fear of America holding them accountable right now.

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