G. McConway
August 30, 2023

Tennessee Floor Gets Rough as Session Ends

The Tennessee legislative floor got very interesting… again.

As a special session came to a close, things got a little physical as Republican Speaker Cameron Sexton walked out of the chamber, reported the Daily Mail.

He and State Rep. Justin Pearson (D) got into a bit of a shoving match, reported the Washington Examiner.

Let’s Get Physical…

Democrats wanted anti-gun legislation passed during the special session on public safety.

They have been on the warpath since the Covenant School shooting that took place in March.

Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) had called the session specifically to pass new gun legislation, but Sexton did not put anything on the floor to satisfy Democrats.

As Sexton was leaving, Pearson, who was carrying a sign, got in his way, which resulted in a brief shoving match…

While all this was going on, the gallery was chanting, “Vote them out!”

After the session let out, Democrats ran right to the media.

Democratic Rep. Karen Camper stated, “As you all have seen and witnessed, it's been a complete waste of time.

“It's been a waste of money on the taxpayers. It's been disrespectful to the Covenant families. It's been disrespectful to the public at large and in fact to our members.”

While bills were passed, the legislation that Democrats wanted never came to be.

Camper addressed this, stating, “Lastly, even if you look at bills we passed, is it making us any safer?

“The people expected us to do something to make the public more safer. We did nothing except waste time, disrespect people, and spend taxpayers' dollars.”

I continue to take the stance that we need to look more at the shooters and what causes this break than we do the actual guns.

A major part of the problem is that in many cities, gun laws are just not enforced. In those cities where they are enforced, we often see liberal prosecutors who release people without bail or outright refuse to prosecute cases.

Are more laws really the answer? I just don’t see that as being a solution, especially when we have so many illegal guns in this country that flow across the border via drug dealers, human traffickers, and the cartels.

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