G. McConway
September 1, 2023

Financial Disclosures for Clarence Thomas Released

The left has been after Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from the first day he wore a robe.

Thomas is black, ultra-conservative, and married to a white woman… and the left despises him for every one of those reasons and more.

Thomas just released his financial disclosure this week, and it just proves that the media, Democrats, and all these leftist organizations going after him are pushing a completely bogus narrative, reported Fox News.

Actually, they still are, because if you do search for “ Thomas financial disclosures released,” you will see the clear bias in how this story is being headlined by the likes of the New York Times, NPR, and Reuters.


At the center of all the attacks against Thomas is his friendship with Harlan Crow, a GOP megadonor.

Now, keep in mind that every complaint made against Thomas on this front is not actually a violation of the ethics code that was in place at the time.

For instance, justices were not required to report gifts, such as free travel or housing, from friends if they did not have business before the court.

But here is a tasty little tidbit on that front…

In 2017, billionaire Israeli businessman Morris Kahn had a patent-related case before the Supreme Court where he was handed a limited win.

In 2018, transportation, food, and lodging for a trip to Tel Aviv were all provided by Kahn to Justice Ginsburg, and nobody ever said a word.

Thomas’ great-nephew, who was living with Thomas at the time, had his tuition paid by Crow, but it was not reported… and it was not required to be reported because it was his great-nephew, not his son.

The Judicial Conference of the United States changed its reporting requirements this March, and we all know why, so now Thomas is putting down everything, including gifts from Crow.

I can tell you this without a doubt… go look at the reporting history of all the justices, and you will see how many gifts these people get, including gifts from people who had business before the court.

Now retired Justice Stephen Breyer was notorious for traveling all over the place on other people’s dime and I doubt Ginsburg paid for a trip out of her own pocket during the last two decades.

Thomas never broke any rules because the gifts and travel he received were NOT required to be reported under the ethics rules at the time… it’s that simple.

Elliot Burke, who prepared Thomas’ disclosure hit the nail on the head.

He stated, “Much of the noise to the contrary is based on malicious and sloppy reporting and attacks from partisans who disagree with his jurisprudence and want to drive him and others off the Court,” reported Breitbart.

This is about one thing more than anything else… Thomas is a conservative black man, and Democrats will never accept that.

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