February 21, 2024

FBI Arrests Independent Journalist on J6 Charges

Were you reporting the story, or did you become part of the story… that is the question the courts are going to have to answer after a rather shocking announcement by the FBI.

The agency announced that it had arrested independent journalist David Medina of Sherwood, OR.

Medina has been charged with felony obstruction of an official proceeding and several misdemeanors.

Lock Him Up

According to the local office of the FBI, Sherwood “smashed” a wooden Speaker of the House sign while he was inside the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Medina has already announced that he will be fighting these charges, posting on X, “Will be pleading not guilty to all of it. Two-tiered justice system in our country.”

The charges against Medina did not sit well with conservatives online, with this being the typical response to the announcement…

Medina, who used to work for PragerU, had his trip to the Capitol paid for by readers so that he could cover the event.

Not long after the riot at the Capitol, Medina’s home was raided by the FBI, but no charges were filed at the time and it was more or less assumed he would be left alone.

That all changed on Friday when Medina was charged with the same group of charges that have been used to charge hundreds of J6 participants.

This has taken a toll on Medina, having reportedly lost several jobs due to this controversy.

Medina noted that he was fired last week from working for the Youth Correctional Facility MacClaren in Oregon.

After he was terminated, Medina reached out to the FBI with the hopes of having the matter dropped, but instead, he wound up in cuffs.

Medina explained, "Three years have passed. I haven't heard anything (since the raid). I lost my job and I knew it was because of that.

“And so I called up the FBI and was like, 'Hey, man. I think it's been long enough. I've lost clients. I've lost jobs because of this thing. I deserve closure.”

The FBI responded by inviting him down to the local FBI office on Friday for a chat, but we now know how that went.

Medina stated, "They were being all friendly and acted like 'Hey, we're going to figure this out. It's all good. We'll figure it out.”

Medina went to the FBI office, his daughter in tow, and found himself being handcuffed in front of her, then he received the obligatory perp walk through the building.

Medina maintains that he did nothing wrong, but this has cost him everything, including his wife.

More than 1,300 people have been arrested related to the January 6 rioting, which is why people continue to ask why there were so few arrests over the rioting that took place for about three months in 2020.

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