G. McConway
December 22, 2022

Twitter Files Show FBI Alliance with Social Media Platform

The trove of files being released by Twitter are not a good look for the FBI.

The agency appears to have been involved in a concentrated effort to censor Americans.

If the emails are authentic, the agency was actually paying Twitter to carry out its orders.

We Cannot Stand for This

Writer Michael Shellenberger is one of three journalists that have been examining and fact-checking the files that were turned over by Elon Musk.

As you read this, keep in mind that the FBI had a copy of Hunter Biden's laptop in its evidence room long before this saga ever started.

Through whistleblower testimony, we know that the agency was forbidding agents to examine the laptop.

With what we know now, it is a fairly safe assumption that the FBI, for whatever reason, did not want to debunk the narrative that the laptop was misinformation.

To me, it seems as though they knew it was more than likely authentic, and needed to push the misinformation narrative to help Joe Biden.

To that point, Schellenberger noted there was a concentrated effort by the agency "to discredit leaked information about Hunter Biden before and after it was published."

Twitter has already gone on record saying that it was wrong to discredit the story.

While most major networks and newspapers have admitted the laptop is real, they are now refusing to report on the Twitter data drop, either dismissing it as a Musk stunt or just not covering the story altogether.

This is because the documents show very well-organized effort between Twitter and the FBI to censor stories and people.

The FBI has denied any wrongdoing, but the agency was clearly calling the shots here, even going so far as to dictate exact people in terms of shutting down their accounts.

There was a full team of FBI agents working on this, as many as 80 of them, during the run in to the election.

As I stated before, I initially thought this was a few rogue leaders in the agency and a handful of agents, but it clearly goes much deeper than that.

This truly was election interference on the part of a government agency to help Biden and hurt Donald Trump.

Hopefully, when the GOP takes over the House, we will finally get some answers.

Even so, it is doubtful the mainstream media will take any findings seriously as they are already working to discredit McCarthy if he becomes Speaker of the House.

As an example, Jake Tapper characterized it as McCarthy and his group of "flying monkeys."

Source: Fox News

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