March 10, 2024

Families Of Hamas Hostages Furious At Michelle Obama For Not Speaking Out

Former first lady Michelle Obama was on the LIST.

Obama is one of the influential voices who decided to refrain from speaking up for the victims kidnapped by Hamas.

Now, the family members of those victims are calling her out.

They are accusing Obama of being more afraid of being “canceled” on social media than doing what is right.

Before “cancel culture” was created, Michelle Obama previously took a stand and requested the return of the women kidnapped by Boko Haram jihadists back in 2014.

Yet 10 years later, she has remained silent when it comes to Israeli victims kidnapped by Hamas.

At this point, it is clear that Michelle Obama cares more about her reputation then the lives of those captured by terrorists.

It also makes you wonder if Michelle Obama ever actually cared in the first place.

Did she only speak out back in 2014 because she believed it would help her get ahead politically?

Ashley Waxman Bakshi, a cousin of Agam Berger, one of those taken hostage, has now spoken out against Michelle Obama’s actions.

"It's disappointing, frustrating and actually frightening to see the hypocrisy of celebrities worldwide. They were quick to recognize that it's never OK to kidnap innocent people when it was done in Nigeria, but continue to fail to condemn it when it is done to Israelis,” said Bakshi.

Bakshi is not the only family member of a hostage to point out this insane double standard.

Yoni Levy, father of kidnapped victim Naama Levy, has also released a statement.

“Why has she, and all these other famous women Naama looked up to, and all of the human rights organisations she believed in, stayed silent about what has happened to my Naama and all the other girls,” Levy said.

Why do you think Michelle Obama has remained silent?

Let us know in the comments below.

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