G. McConway
October 11, 2022

Service Members Ringing the Bell Over ‘Extremely Woke’ Military

Our military needs to spend every waking out training to kill our enemies.

That is their purpose.

Joe Biden has put a more significant emphasis on diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Now military members are getting worried that our military is too woke.

It's a Problem

One service member stated, "The military is extremely woke."

Another added, "I do perceive the Army leadership as woke, and probably the lower enlisted (they have been indoctrinated in school).

"Equity-diversity is another way to divide and control the masses.

"It does nothing for the warfighter."

All service members talked to were promised anonymity so they could speak frankly, and they did just that.

One member stated, "Merely questioning the goals or methods used to promote 'Equity & Diversity' is punished and that punishment is swift, harsh, and public."

Yet another service member truly rang the bell, stating, "I 100% believe the military is woke.

"I see daily minorities, overweight people and women not adhering to military standards.

"Nobody corrects them due to the fear of being fired and labeled a racist or a sexist."

There is still a lot of ill-will over the vaccine dismissals.

A service member stated, "Most of us who serve did so because we came from military families.

"Patriotism and American values are no longer appreciated or expected.

"Troops themselves are largely treated as expendable and they don't even pretend otherwise.

"Spending 15+ years in the military during wartime with multiple deployments risking their lives only to be tossed out like garbage.

"Losing the retirement they have worked years to earn because they didn't want to take an experimental vaccine for an illness that was mild for fit and healthy people."

This has dramatically impacted recruiting, with the Army falling short of its 2022 goal by 25 percent.

This country went from being strong and independent to weak and susceptible in less than two years.

That is the reality of Joe Biden's presidency.

Source: Fox News

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