November 27, 2023

EXPERTS: Obama-era Deal Backfired on United States

I know this may surprise you, but there appears to be a link between the Obama administration and the attack against Israel by Hamas.

The coddling of terrorist nations started under Obama when he struck that Iranian nuclear deal.

However, it went a bit deeper, as we are now finding out.

Obama Did It

It turns out, the Obama administration negotiated a deal with Qatar to establish a Hamas office in the hopes of opening diplomatic channels.

That, however, never happened, at least not the way it was intended. Richard Goldberg, a Trump campaign operative, stated, "For many years now, both the United States and Israel have been living in a policy fantasy world where we have tolerated Hamas' existence in Doha and believed that Doha would be a moderating influence.

"That thesis was disproven on Oct. 7, so whatever has happened in the last few years, it doesn't matter because Oct. 7 now stands as the new reality.

"It disproves anybody's hypotheses that Hamas would somehow become a governing entity, not a terrorist group."

The office in question was first established in 2012, with Qatar's Ambassador to Washington, Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani, writing in an op-ed, "The presence of the Hamas office shouldn’t be confused with endorsement but rather establishes an important channel for indirect communication.”

This seems part of a much bigger charade by Hamas to quiet activity over the last couple of years while it planned and carried out the October 7 attack against Israel.

Goldberg continued, "Well, 11 years later, we’re paying a very, very high price for that fatal mistake of allowing Doha to sell us on this route, and if we do not finally reverse this policy and shut down Qatari support for Hamas, we are guaranteeing ourselves more and more Oct. 7 [attacks] to come in the future.”

All this office served to do was make Hamas a bigger player, and Qatar for that matter. Now, Qatar holds even more influence as the primary contact for Hamas during these cease-fire negotiations with Israel.

So, rather than end a terrorist group, it would appear that Obama made them more powerful as well as giving them a bigger platform and/or outlets to promote their terror group.

Just mark this down as yet another epic foreign policy failure of both the Biden and Obama administrations.

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