April 29, 2024

Eric Trump: Without Immunity, Obama and Bush Could Be Investigated

Generally speaking, Eric Trump is the more reasonable of the Trump siblings in terms of realistic anticipation when assessing a situation.

I am not sure that is the case this time.

While doing the media circuit over the weekend, Eric Trump stated that both Barack Obama and George Bush could be investigated if the Supreme Court does not give his father blanket immunity.

Investigate Them All

Eric Trump believes that if blanket immunity is not given to the office of the president, the floodgates will open.

He stated, “God help us if they get it wrong, that’s what I take away. I know the system very, very well.

“The only people who are going to benefit are the big law firms in Washington, D.C., because they are going to go after every single president.”

He continued on, stating, “They’ll start with Obama, fast and furious, right where he gives two thousand weapons to cartel members. Then, they’ll go to Obama where he weaponized the IRS against conservatives.

“Where do you want us to stop? They could go after George Bush for lying about weapons of mass destruction. Where does this stop, Maria?”

Trump then pointed to Joe Biden, stating, “The floodgates are going to open, and I guarantee you Joe Biden will not have one foot outside of the White House before they start going after him illegally, ruthlessly.”

Here is the thing… it is not a good idea to say your guy should not be prosecuted for alleged crimes by pointing out possible crimes of other people.

I know a lot of conservatives who would love to see either Bush or Cheney held accountable for lying about weapons of mass destruction to start a war.

I am also sure plenty of people would like to see Obama held accountable for the “fast and furious” operation.

No president will ever get blanket immunity, which would literally allow them to walk up and murder someone and never be able to be prosecuted for it.

Presidents get immunity for official acts as president, and I think Trump and his surrogates would do far better taking that angle and pushing the narrative that Donald Trump was fighting election integrity.

Honestly, the way Eric Trump is defending his father there makes it sound like he agrees his father committed a crime, but he should not be prosecuted because he was president at the time.

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