July 3, 2024

Eastwood Family Feud Aired Out on Social Media

I am not sure if Clint Eastwood’s daughters are having a little fun with each other or if they are legitimately feuding.

Only two weeks after a family wedding, the two sisters are now firing shots at each other.

Morgan and Kathryn, who are only half-sisters, appear to be airing out some dirty family laundry.

Shots Fired

Morgan Eastwood was just married a couple of weeks ago, and the family seemed united, at least in the pictures from the wedding.

Now, they are taking shots at each other and it is starting to get ugly to the point that the Morgan’s mother, Dina, is threatening a lawsuit against Kathyrn.

Insults such as “insane,” “my evil stepsister,” and “weird and fake” have been flying.

After Dina threatened legal action against Kathryn, Kathryn called her  a “greed [sic] money-obsessed psycho.”

So, I think we can kill the idea that this is just a fun little spat for appearance's sake.

Kathryn was apparently upset at the wedding for not being able to complete her dance with her father.

She has posted, “Got to dance with my dad for 50 f***ing seconds before we were interrupted because every star humper wants a piece of his a**.

“PS star humper… You are so f***ing rude to me and my 94-year-old father. F*** you star humper.”

Just a few days later, she went off on her younger sister, posting, “I had to break up with my sister Morgan after her wedding because she’s so concerned with her reputation, she called me ‘insane’ online for the world to hear.

“This has impacted my ability to have children and become a mother and I have to protect myself from further heartache from this image-driven monster.”

Dina eventually responded to the feud, writing, “One more comment about Morgan online – and if you don’t erase the ones you’ve posted – I will take legal action against you.

“Your psychosis is leading you down a very bad legal path and a path that could end up with you being committed to a mental facility.

“Stop now. I f***ing mean it young lady you stop it right now [sic]. You will lose for family for eternity just like you want but we won’t go down sweetly.”

Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood has done the smart thing and remained silent.

I would say that is a wise man who has learned some valuable lessons over the years when it comes to squabbling women… don’t get involved.

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