May 11, 2024

DOJ Pursuing 40-Year Sentence for Paul Pelosi's Attacker

The Department of Justice has officially recommended what they think the prison term should be for the man who broke into Nancy Pelosi's home and "kidnapped" her husband.


Prosecutors released a 20-page memo recommending that David DePape should be sentenced to 40 years in prison for breaking into the former House speaker's house and assaulting Paul Pelosi.

The DOJ wants a VERY stiff punishment in order "to discourage others from enacting political violence."

DePape was charged with assaulting and kidnapping Mr. Pelosi, despite the fact that Pelosi was never forced out of his home or to an unknown location. That's because in a legal sense, "kidnapping" is "an unlawful restraint of a person's liberty by force or show of force."

According to that definition, even though DePape never took Pelosi anywhere, DePape definitely kidnapped him.

DePape broke into the Pelosi home with the intent to break Nancy Pelosi's kneecaps in order to convey to "other Members of Congress there were consequences to actions."

Originally, a sentence of 30 years was considered, but the Department of Justice is saying that the facts of this case "demonstrate that the 30 years maximum on the count with the most significant statutory maximum is not sufficient to meet the sentencing goals."

Their goals are to make sure that Americans know that violence against politicians is not the answer, regardless of what side of the aisle you're on.

"The defendant planned and unleashed violence and has stayed true to his belief that his actions were necessary," the prosecution said. "The defendant planned a violent hostage-taking of the Speaker Emerita, and then nearly killed her husband."

"Here, it is not the public that needs protecting, but the public officials. Our public officials should not live in fear of their lives, but attacks like the defendant’s breed fear and dissuade people from running for office or otherwise taking roles in the public sphere," prosecutors continued. "At this moment in time, this defendant continues to present as a strong risk—to the Speaker Emerita and others—because of his failure to accept responsibility."

Despite the fact that he's a corrupt liberal, Paul Pelosi probably didn't deserve this act of violence against him.

What do you think of the suggestion of 40 years in prison for DePape?

Is that too much or too little?

Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment in the discussion section below!

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