G. McConway
March 7, 2023

DeSantis’ Plan to Attack Trump Revealed

Ron DeSantis is obviously Trump's main competition if he decides to run for president.

Having said that, DeSantis cannot really afford to get down the mud and grapple with Donald Trump.

He will have to defend himself and attack, however, and it appears that has a rather interesting plan to make that happen, reports the Washington Examiner.

Plan of Action

Donald Trump continues to pound the idea that Ron DeSantis would be nothing without him. To that point, DeSantis readily admits that the Trump endorsement put him over the finish line, even including this in his recent book.

Trump is exaggerating the claim, however, claiming that DeSantis came to him in tears, begging for the endorsement, something I can guarantee did not happen.

From that point forward, however, it was all DeSantis, and that will be his plan of attack.

Even so, DeSantis still openly says it was a difference maker, recently stating, "His endorsement was the big enchilada. Our voters want to look at you, and they size you up, and they take this responsibility very, very seriously."

When Trump calls him a RINO and a globalist, DeSantis can point to his war against Disney and his Parental Rights bill.

When Trump calls him an average governor, DeSantis can point to the many legislative achievements he has made happen and the recovery from natural disasters that has been unprecedented.

DeSantis can also work in aspects of his administration in Florida that counter problems that Trump had during his time in office.

For instance, the number of leaks that Trump experienced within his camp was staggering, something that has never happened with DeSantis. This goes to hiring the right people for the right job.

To that point, DeSantis stated, "I didn't have a single leak in my administration. You could have the best vision in the world, make the best decisions as the executive — if you don't have people that will carry out that and implement it, then it's not gonna amount to very much," reports Florida's Voice.

When he was asked about Trump calling him an average governor with a good PR team, DeSantis responded, "Look, I have the responsibility to govern a state, and I've got to focus on delivering results. I've also got to protect the people against Biden's policies, and so when I'm getting in fights, I'm fighting Biden.

"I think get it done, keep your eye on the ball, and just keep delivering results and fighting back against the Biden administration."

In addressing the age of Biden and Trump, he stated, "You know, don't we need some more energy in the executive? Don't we need a little bit more vigor and a little bit more punch?

"I think people in Florida, I mean, we go very high-octane. I bounce around to all corners of this state. And I think people respond to that."

Notice the one word that was noticeably absent from all of that? Trump… and that is the DeSantis plan.

He will not mention Trump. He is always going to make it about what he and his team are accomplishing, hammering Democrats, and keeping it positive. This is a stark contrast to the non-ending negativity of Trump and the drama that comes with it.

It really is a shame because if Donald Trump ever stuck on point and knocked off the childish nonsense that he seems to fall into most times, he would be crushing it and he would have the entire party's support.

DeSantis knows that and he is presenting the image that people want… drama-free, positivity, and telling us what he will do if he gets into office to fix the problems.

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