G. McConway
November 23, 2022

Iowa Survey Shifts to DeSantis Over Trump

Donald Trump is getting dumped…

That seems to be the consensus of the latest Iowa GOP primary poll run by Neighborhood Research and Media.

After a disastrous midterm, people want change, and the common denominator here seems to be to move away from Trump.

Watch the Trend

When I read polls, I don’t really look at the overall numbers.

I like to see how they trend, and this trend for Trump is not good.

Last year, in the same poll, Trump led Ron DeSantis by a 56-12 margin.

This was pretty indicative of all the polls we saw at the time.

That is right about the time Trump popped back up on the scene for midterm elections.

It seems the more they saw of Trump, the more they were reminded of the chaos that comes with him, and he started to slip in polls.

By June, Trump’s lead had shrunk to 38-17 in Iowa.

Now, after the midterm elections, where virtually every one of Trump’s battleground candidates failed, it is DeSantis with a 32-30 lead on Trump.

Now, I am not stupid, and I know that nationally, Trump has a nice lead over the field, but our elections are fought by the state, not nationally.

When we look at states, Trump is in trouble.

Iowa is but one state where Trump is behind, as DeSantis is now also leading in Texas and Florida.

This is something I am going to start digging into a bit more IF DeSantis decides to run.

Until then, this is all speculation, and I still think it will take a considerable push to get DeSantis in this race.

There is also the question as to how Trump will respond if loses the nomination.

Would it really surprise anyone if Trump told his supporters to sit out the election to teach everyone a lesson if he loses?

I want to know why nobody has asked him if he would support the party nominee if he is not it because that is, by far, the most important question we need to be answered right now.

If he says yes, then let’s get this fight on.

If he says no, the Republican Party will lose that election regardless of who they put out there and while Trump’s ego might get stroked, he will never be forgiven by the majority of conservatives in this country.

Instead, he will go down as one of the most selfish individuals to have ever taken the oath of office, putting himself before the movement.

Source: New York Post

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