February 22, 2024

DeSantis Makes It Clear He Will Not Accept VP Position

There was a lot of bad blood between Trump and DeSantis during the primary race for the GOP nomination.

Trump started attacking DeSantis as soon as heard there was speculation that DeSantis would be running for office.

Those attacks to their toll, to the point that DeSantis has now completely ruled out any notion that he would serve as Trump’s VP.

It Was Personal

Trump has always talked about how dirty of a business politics is, but he used the very tactics he complained about against DeSantis.

They attacked DeSantis’ height, the way he eats, the way he dresses, and then things started to get really bad.

Allegations were made that DeSantis had an affair, that his wife may have been involved with another woman, and they even questioned if Casey DeSantis had ever had cancer since they never saw her medical records.

Then the attacks started against DeSantis supporters online, with both campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung and Trump’s social media guy on X, Alex Bruesewitz, telling DeSantis supporters they did not want or need DeSantis supporters to vote for Trump in the general election.

Those attacks are still taking place, with Trump’s surrogates now vowing to end DeSantis’ political career.

So, was I surprised that DeSantis wanted nothing to do with a VP appointment? Not at all.

Not only did DeSantis turn it down, he took a few veiled shots himself.

He stated, “People were mentioning me [as a potential vice president]. I am not doing that.

“I know some people are really actively seeking it. It seems to me, just from watching kind of the body language and stuff, that you have a handful of folks who seem to be auditioning for it.”

After explaining what his criteria would have been for a running mate, he then added, “I’m not sure that those are necessarily going to be the criteria that Donald Trump uses.

“I think he’s going to probably use different criteria. I’ve heard that they are looking more at identity politics.

“I think that’s a mistake. I think you should just focus on who you think the best person for the job would be.”

DeSantis also addressed the attacks that were lobbed against him during this campaign, stating, “I think [Trump’s] got people in his inner circle who were a part of our orbit years ago that we fired, and I think some of that is they have an ax to grind.”

In typical fashion, Trump’s spokespeople fired right back, stating, “Ron DeSantis failed miserably in his presidential campaign and does not have a voice in selecting the next Vice President of the United States.

“Rather than throw cheap shots from afar, Ron should focus on what he can do to fire Joe Biden and Make America Great Again.”

Again, keep in mind that it was the Trump campaign that started the insults before DeSantis even announced, and he rarely responded to them, and it probably cost him this race.

There will be no olive branch here, as I firmly believe any relationship moving forward between Trump and DeSantis was ruined during this primary season.

So much so, that I just don’t see the majority of DeSantis supporters voting for Trump. They will not vote for Biden, but they are likely to just skip the presidential election and vote in down-ballot elections.

So, don’t be surprised when you see the results of the election with down-ballot elections having more votes than the presidential race. It is not fraud, it is just alienated voters that reached their breaking point because of the attacks and insults levied by Trump’s spokespeople and surrogates.

It did not have to be this way, but the damage is done and there is no going back now.

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