G. McConway
January 25, 2023

DeSantis Drops Hammer on Media Over Mischaracterization of Legislation

Governor Ron DeSantis has had about all he can take from the media, Democrats, and liberals lying about legislation that he signed recently.

The Parental Rights Education Act has been under fire and mischaracterized from the moment it first hit the state legislature floor.

It was immediately dubbed the "Don't Say Gay" bill, and now DeSantis is calling everyone out.

 Just Stop the False Narratives

For a bill that has been dubbed "Don't Say Gay," those three words are not even together in the entire piece of legislation.

The focus of the bill is to allow keep conversations in schools age appropriate when it comes to sex education, gender, etc.

DeSantis has warned everyone arguing against the bill they are fighting a losing battle.

He stated, "I would argue it's never appropriate to be telling a school kid that they were born in the wrong body.

"I didn't think that it was going to end up what it was and I was just in a situation where I'm like, you know, this is not a good hill for you guys to pick to die on... What we did is we leaned into it.

"We called out the media when they were mischaracterizing it, so we made sure that we stood up for the folks."

This does seem to be the new Democrat and liberal plan, however, which is to destroy the family unit to the point of creating utter chaos in this country and full government control.

Charlie Kirk even touched on that recently, stating, "You cannot build a sustainable, decent, or peaceful civilization without strong nuclear families.

"...if you are trying to destroy America from within, destroy the family."

The curriculum that is being proposed by Dems and liberals has many parents on edge, with some calling it borderline, if not outright, pornography.

Kirk also touched on this, stating, "So, it's hilarious as you try to run advertisements on network TV, warning parents this is what's happening and network TV says we would get our license pulled because that's pornography – for example, like naked bodies doing sexual acts – it's not allowed during an Ohio State football game for good reason. It also shouldn't be allowed in your eight-year-old elementary school."

Tough to argue that point.

Source: Fox News

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