G. McConway
July 31, 2023

Dershowitz Slams Prosecutors for Plea Deal Given to Hunter Biden

We all know the investigation into Hunter Biden was rigged, as was quite apparent when the plea deal was announced.

When prosecutors agreed to slap his wrist and give him immunity from investigations that are still ongoing, well, that told us everything we needed to know.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz just chimed on the deal, basically saying that you would have never seen this deal unless it was for Joe Biden’s son while Joe Biden was president, reported Newsmax.

No Sense

Generally speaking, when prosecutors made a plea deal with immunity, they are getting something in return. And keep in mind, the immunity aspect of this is the real focus.

When Hunter Biden’s deal offered future immunity, there was nothing offered up in exchange, which is what Dershowitz was focused on.

He stated, “Quite the opposite. This immunity really sends a message, we don’t want to hear from you. We don’t want you to testify. We don’t want you to get other people in trouble.

“Prosecutors know how to twist arms and they use immunity as a weapon. They don’t give it away for nothing.

“And here, it seems to have been given away for nothing, especially since they had an open and shut case against him. It’s not as if people come in — I’ve done this on many occasions, I go into the prosecutor and I say, look, you’re not going to win this case. Here’s our defense: A, B, C, D, and here are the witnesses.

“And I scare the prosecutor into making a good deal. And there was nothing here to scare the prosecutor. The case on the guns was open and shut. … The case on the taxes was essentially admitted. So, there was nothing to bargain with,” reported Breitbart.

This deal was a favor by the DOJ to Joe Biden, but, thankfully, the judge, a Trump-appointed judge, saw through the deal and told prosecutors to tear it up.

Let’s also not forget, if the name on that filing was anything other than Hunter Biden, there would have been no deal offered. That person would have gone to jail.

I have maintained for quite some time that the only reason Joe Biden ran for president in 2020 was to protect himself and his son… and deals like this prove me right every time.

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