G. McConway
October 11, 2022

Harris Charges GOP Governors with ‘Dereliction of Duty’

Kamala Harris was given another softball task this week.

Harris appeared on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," where she was tossed softball after softball and allowed to say just about anything she wanted.

That would include charging GOP governors with dereliction of duty, even though she and Joe are doing the same thing.


So, before I get into the migrant issue, let's talk about marijuana.

Once again, Harris touted Biden's pardon of simple marijuana offenses.

It is not the pardon that aggravates me; it is the fact that Harris put almost 2,000 people away for this offense and nobody is asking her about it, including Meyers.

On the migrant issue, Harris charged GOP governors with "dereliction of duty" for sending migrants north.

She continued, "We're talking about people who are fleeing great harm, they've fled great harm and they are seeking refuge.

"And talk about political theater, playing games with people's lives.

"There are mothers with sleeping babies getting off those buses."

Some may be fleeing those conditions, but not all of them.

Even with the new vetting process, less than 30 percent of asylum cases are being approved, so everything she says is a lie.

Furthermore, how can they afford to pay coyotes $10,000 or more to sneak them across the border if they are in such bad shape?

Why is that question not being asked?

You could probably check the bank account of half the people in this country and not find that much money in there.

Secondly, the Biden administration has been dropping migrants off all over the country and nobody has said a peep.

Last week, a planeload of unaccompanied children was dropped off in Montgomery, NY, and local officials were never notified.

So, if you are going to charge the GOP with political theater, Kamala, you better take a quick look in the mirror.

This is all about Democrats creating Democrat voters, nothing more.

It is corrupt beyond measure and a blatant disregard for our immigration laws.

Source: Fox News

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