G. McConway
August 29, 2023

Dems Bring in Obama for Redistricting Push

When the Democrats need help, they continue to call on the golden boy, Barack Obama, to bail them out, reported AP News.

With several redistricting fights getting ready to play out, they have rung that bell once again, and Obama answered it.

Obama held a massive fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, raking in a cool $1.5 million for the cause.

Move Those Lines

It is so hypocritical that Democrats rail against the GOP for gerrymandering all the time, yet they are blatantly doing the same thing every time they get control of a legislature or state Supreme Court.

Obama held the fundraiser at his Martha Vineyard estate.

Obama told attendees, “The only danger is that we get complacent. Because one thing we’ve learned is that the other side doesn’t quit,” reported Politico.

Eric Holder is at the helm of the NDRC. Holder was Obama’s first Attorney General and openly dedicated “wingman” during the early days of his presidency.

While Holder has railed against the GOP, he and his committee have helped Democrats draw up some very aggressive redistricting plans, but several of them have been shot down by the courts.

You can usually approach that line when you have control, but you have to be careful not to cross it, a line that Holder still does not seem to understand.

Democrats are targeting several key states, most notably Alabama, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and New York.

In New York, new Democrat plans were trashed by the court, but that is still working its way through the appeals process.

Alabama continues to be a tough fight for Dems, which Obama addressed, stating, “Alabama’s still engaging in resistance, and NDRC has to be there, along with other civil rights organizations, to ensure that this victory in the Supreme Court is actually translated into people’s votes being counted in Alabama.”

Louisiana is also tied up in the courts right now but if Dems get their way, we could see a dramatic swing in how these districts are made up.

Wisconsin just got on the radar, as the latest state Supreme Court justice is a liberal who campaigned on helping Democrats win the redistricting battle. Now that liberals have a 4-3 edge, we can expect any maps they draw up to get rubber-stamped, which is going to be a huge blow to the GOP hopes of not only holding the House, but also increasing the advantage.

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