March 15, 2024

Democrats Wary of Third-party Candidates

This may be the first election in quite some time that we have a legitimate shot of a third-party candidate being a contender in a presidential election.

There are going to have to be some chips that fall perfectly into place for that to happen.

However, if those chips do not fall, there is still a very good chance that a third-party run will significantly impact this race.

Taking Votes from Biden

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is definitely running, but there is now a possible second ticket that would run under the No Labels Party.

I don’t really think either of them would draw enough votes away from Trump to hurt him in this election, which means that Joe Biden will be the one taking the brunt of the hit.

Democrats and the Biden campaign have come to the same conclusion, and they are now taking measures to try to combat a third-party run.

The Democrat National Committee has already dedicated staff to address third-party candidates.

According to reports, the DNC is working with liberal think tanks to file complaints against an RFK Jr. SuperPAC.

Biden allies have also formed a new PAC, Clear Choice, to combat third-party candidates.

The media is also playing along, as there has been a desperate attempt to hit possible running mates for Kennedy.

Recently, CNN ran a hit piece against Aaron Rodgers for alleged comments he made about Sandy Hook (Kennedy recently stated that he is considering Rodgers as a running mate).

According to that report, the comments were made 11 years ago, but we know that matters little to today’s media.

If they can find something negative that will help Biden, they will print it.

The concern about a third-party run is real, as polling does not bode well for Joe Biden in this situation.

The most recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll has Donald Trump beating Joe Biden 41-33% in a three-way race, almost double Trump’s biggest lead in any poll.

In addition to Kennedy and a possible No Labels Ticket, Dems have to worry about Jill Stein and Cornel West, both of whom will take more votes away from Biden than Trump.

This is great news for Trump, and not just because of the polling.

Trump’s campaign and the RNC are hurting for money right now, so every penny that Biden has to spend fighting off third-party candidates is money that Biden cannot use to attack Trump.

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