Ryan E.
August 19, 2023

Democrats Losing Hispanic Vote

Hispanic voters need only two words to PERFECTLY capture their relationship with America's Democratic Party.

Hispanics are "running away" from Biden.

And we've got the numbers to prove it.

Fox News recently asked Hispanic voters whether they would support Donald Trump or Joe Biden in 2024.

Back in 2020, 63% of them said that they would choose Biden.

In the current day, just 46% of them chose the current president.

For those of you out there who aren't exactly math geniuses, that's less than half.

That means that if the 17% of undecided voters ever decide to join forces with the 37% already picking Trump, Donald could absolutely dominate the Hispanic vote in 2024.

Now, that's not a guarantee to happen by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a POSSIBILITY.

In 2020, that definitely was not the case.

Back then, many Hispanics were still under the impression that they owed liberals a vote.

Democrats like to lump Hispanics in with black people and women as demographics that aren't allowed to vote Republican. That stereotype is proving less and less true the longer Biden is in office, though.

Liberals just see Hispanics as votes, Republicans actually see them as people.

That's why America's Hispanics are getting more and more fed up with their "big cup of Joe overflowing with inflation."

Hispanic author Lydia Dominguez recently explained some of the issues that her people are having with Joe Biden and his corrupt administration.

She said that people in her community are "totally upset with what's going on."

"I see people in my community that are going out and getting second and third part-time jobs. It's incredibly sad."

Welcome to Joe Biden's America.

"There was a time when things were just smooth and easy under some previous pro-growth economic policies. But this administration promised me a cafecito, but handed me instead a cup of Joe overflowing with inflation. And they hoped that I wouldn't notice," Dominguez concluded. "There were some Hispanics moving away from the Democratic Party by the end of the Trump presidency, and now they're running away."

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