G. McConway
September 5, 2023

Democrats Continue to Push Debunked Theory to Block Trump

What we are seeing right now is election interference of the greatest magnitude, and it is happening right out in the public view.

This is a narrative being pushed by Democrats against Donald Trump that he is ineligible for the election due to the 14th Amendment, reported the Daily Caller.

This is complete and utter hogwash, and is nowhere near being true, and may never come true, even if Trump is found guilty in every case against him.

It’s Just False

Loosely translated, anyone involved in an insurrection against the country is no longer eligible to hold office in this country.

Nobody has proven that Trump was responsible for the insurrection and he is not even charged with insurrection.

He is, however, facing charges under the Espionage Act, but even then, Trump would have to be convicted in a court of law before this is even a consideration, and he would have to be convicted on very specific charges.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is among those pushing this narrative.

He stated, “If you engage in acts of insurrection or rebellion against the government, or you give aid and comfort to those who do, you are disqualified from running. It doesn’t require that you be convicted of insurrection. It just requires that you have engaged in these acts.”

It requires that you have been proven to engage in this act, and where is the proof?

Donald Trump gave an ill-advised speech, but he was on record as telling the rioters to go home. He also told them during his speech to have a peaceful protest.

We can argue all day about Trump being there. As a matter of fact, I am on record saying that I thought it was foolish for Trump to go there both before and after January 6, but that does not mean that he participated or gave “aid and comfort” to those who took part in the rioting.

Senator Kaine (D-VA) made the same argument.

See, now you know why Democrats were using the term “insurrection” right out of the gate.

I have long believed that Pelosi was so reluctant to add security because she wanted this to happen, planned on it happening, and was playing the long game.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I think the facts have played out pretty much as I thought they would on this front.

This movement is now growing…

Jonathan Turley, who may be the only constitutional expert that I trust right now, stated that this movement is “the single most dangerous constitutional theory I have seen pop up in decades.”

Hans von Spakovsky, Election Law Reform Initiative manager and senior legal fellow for The Heritage Foundation, added, “…Donald Trump has never been convicted of ‘insurrection or rebellion’ by any court and not by Congress either in the impeachment proceedings that were attempted against him. These attempts to disqualify him from the ballot are unconstitutional.”

You have members of Congress using an argument that is a violation of our Constitution to try to remove a candidate from the ballot.

If that is not election interference, I don’t know what is.

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