G. McConway
August 7, 2023

Democrats Conceded 2020 Rematch Likely for 2024 Presidential Election

Democrats and Joe Biden’s DOJ have done everything in their power to stop Donald Trump, but it may not be enough.

Most of the cases are weak, and in one case, a legal expert predicted that it is the special counsel that could win up getting indicted over the charges.

Now Democrats are finally realizing that unless something radically changes, it is very likely that Donald Trump will be the nominee, once again facing off against Joe Biden in 2024, reported PJ Media.

It’s Likely

I honestly believe the feeling is mixed on the left regarding a possible rematch between Trump and Biden.

There is surely the camp that believes so many people hate Donald Trump that there is no way he would ever be elected president.

I also believe there are enough Democrats that realize that Biden’s presidency has been so flawed and so much corruption has been pointed out, that Trump, despite his lack of appeal beyond his base, will wind up winning this election just to stop Biden from having another four years.

Then Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) added a wild card to the race last week as a possible third-party candidate, which would siphon off votes from Democrats, all but assuring Trump of a win.

Biden’s team is worried. For proof, look no further than the comments made by Celinda Lake, a 2020 Biden pollster, that was reported in Politico.

Lake stated, “Donald Trump can win, number one. … Number two, I think that the third parties can take away enough votes to make Donald Trump win. Number three, we cannot underestimate the dissatisfied mood of the public and his ability to mobilize voters.

“I think there’s going to be a very close race. He seems impervious no matter how many indictments. You can run for president from jail.”

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) added, “I hear some Republicans who are not on the Trump train say that it’s a ticket to defeat — that it’s not a threat. The threat is that he could come back. We have to take it seriously.”

I have never hidden my concerns about Trump running while facing indictments, but I was dead wrong in terms of what I thought would happen to his support.

I believed that once Trump was indicted, his supporters would look for an alternative to ensure the GOP had a candidate that was not in an orange jumpsuit in the middle of the election.

Instead, many Republicans have rallied behind Trump, upset that the system has been weaponized against him. I say to that the point that there are plenty of examples of people that did very similar things, yet they were never indicted.

For instance, Bragg stacking journal entries to create three dozen felonies is utterly ridiculous when the precedent has shown a fine and penalty, not an indictment. I still believe the classified documents are Trump’s biggest obstacle, but Smith’s January 6 charges were pure conjecture and little hard evidence.

Did I like Trump being at the rally on January 6… no, and I have stated that numerous times, but if you are going to indict Trump for what he said, then you have to indict Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for his words against conservative justices and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her words against Trump staffers, just to name two incidents, but there are at least another half dozen that took place from various Democrats.

As we all know, however, they were all given free passes on this front.

We want equal justice, nothing more, nothing less, but right now, that does not exist in this country. If it did, Donald Trump would have plenty of company in the courtroom from the left side of the aisle.

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