November 20, 2023

Democrat Hopeful Embraces Racy Past with Playboy Profile

Courtney Casgraux is running as a Democrat in the upcoming primary race.

She is hoping to take the seat that is currently held by Democratic Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici.

However, after she announced, pictures started to surface of her past “life,” showing her as a Manhattan dominatrix.

Embrace It

The first reports of Casgraux’s past surfaced on Reddit in late August.

She was horrified that someone was able to find her past career and exploit it on Reddit (the post was made anonymously).

Casgraux stated, “[I was] just panicking … Then I was like, ‘Who did this?’ and I just started calling every single person that I pretty much knew from my past … I was like hyperventilating, crying.”

The work that Casgraux did was done when she was in her 20s and 30s, and she surely thought she left that behind when she moved to Oregon.

Casgraux stated that the poster was clearly trying to shame her, so she flipped the script and embraced the profile.

She stated, “To shame me for something that helped create the life that I have today where I have opportunity … made me really mad. Because it felt like an attack on women, not just an attack on me.”

She has now started a Playboy profile selling “sexy” pictures of herself for $150 each.

In addition to selling the pictures, she is also posting political content on her account. She stated, “Once [the video] came out and I got the Playboy page, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like I can just be me.’ And I could say the things that I wanna say, and I can be funny and be tongue-in-cheek with things, and reclaim my sexuality.”

Oregon, however, has not exactly embraced her just yet, as her campaign has only raised $757 from about a dozen donors so far.

Casgraux is even trying to put a positive spin on that, stating, “If I can win, that’s incredible — let’s go to Washington … and we’ll make amazing legislation.

“But there’s no losing if I can make one woman feel like there’s no shame in your past and what you have done … You too can run for Congress.”

It just seems to me that the quality of candidates we are seeing in Congress right now keeps deteriorating by the day.

We either have octogenarians who can barely remember their own names or people like Casgraux on Santos running, who I find very hard to take seriously.

I would imagine our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves right now at what Congress has become.

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