December 26, 2023

Dem. Dean Phillips Makes Far Left to Turn to Counter Biden

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) has just made a desperate lunge to the far left in the hopes of stealing the Democrat nomination away from Joe Biden.

Phillips is using the go-to election issue of reparations to try to grab some extra primary votes.

He is now supporting all the financial freebies, also including universal basic income, issues that may get him Democrat votes, but issues that would both bury him in a general election.

Not Happening

Reparations come up in every election as a way to try to lure in black voters, but it not working the way it used to because minority voters have realized they are being used as pawns by politicians who have zero intention of actually working to make reparations a reality.

It is a foolish concept that would hold Americans today accountable for something that happened more than two centuries ago. It is an idea that would cost Americans trillions, money this country simply does not have to spend now or anytime in the near future.

Phillips stated, “I believe that reparations have to start with acknowledging the injustice that was done to black Americans.

“To me, the answer is to invest in every community that is underrepresented, disenfranchised, has been segregated or has been subject to horrors.

“That means outstanding education for everybody, that means outstanding healthcare for everyone.

“That means childcare and pre-K education, it also means housing for everybody. That’s to me the best way we can make reparations, is to do so by raising the foundations for everybody. That certainly includes black Americans because the injustice is horrifying.”

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an idea that became a hot topic during the last presidential election, with several candidates pitching the idea to again try to gain favor with minority voters, but it is another idea that will never happen in this country.

Phillips, who also supports UBI, stated, “I do believe a UBI pilot should be initiated.

“There have been some. I think it’s time to do more, because we are going to lose millions of jobs to artificial intelligence, and right now we do not have any plan to address it.

“If you entrust people with resources, they usually figure out how to [take] care of themselves. But if they don’t have any resources, they have to rely on the public system or the private sector.”

Do you know how you can tell he is not serious about this? Because he said this is an idea that is “worthy of exploring,” which is all he is really promising to do.

There is simply no way, ZERO CHANCE, that Congress would ever pass legislation that would enable either of these programs to become a reality.

Once again, it is a headline grab for the purpose of trying to grab some votes, and it will never work.

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