November 25, 2023

Dean Phillips Won't Run For Re-election To Congress

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) is announcing that he will NOT be running for re-election in Congress.

The Biden White House must be FURIOUS.


Because his decision means that Phillips will be putting all of his time, energy, and money into one thing: defeating Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

Despite the fact that Phillips is a Democrat, I feel like we have to give him credit.

That's because he is doing what no other liberal is daring to do, and that's taking on the power family that is Joe Biden and his associates.

When you take on the Biden family, you're not up against just them.

You're up against ALL of America's corrupt liberal families.

The Pelosi family, the Biden family, the Obama family, the Clinton family, the Soros family are all going to go after you.

These are the people who have been controlling America as it circles the drain.

They don't care if our country is deteriorating though, because they and all of their friends are getting richer.

As stuff continues to hit the fan, liberals generally don't care what happens to little people like us.

They just keep telling us to vote for them so they can live high on the hog while they throw us their scraps.

That's all programs like welfare really are.

They hook Americans up to a small IV drip and get them dependent.

Those people then are forced to vote liberal forever or lose their food stamps.

It's a vicious cycle that has kept the same types of people in power at the top of the Democratic Party for literally decades.

And Dean Phillips is stepping up to the plate and trying to fight that cycle.

Phillips is taking on a herculean task in his showdown with Biden.

At least during the primary election phase, people with common sense won't have a problem deciding which Democrat is the lesser of two evils.

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