March 25, 2024

Dana Bash Meltdown: World is Upside Down

It is always fun watching liberal media personalities go over polling where Joe Biden is struggling right now.

One of the biggest issues for Biden is the war between Israel and Hamas.

Polling says that if this conflict is not resolved before election day, it could very well cost Joe Biden the election, and that has people like CNN’s Dana Bash horrified that Trump could get back in the White House.

Listen to Us… We Know

Ever since Joe Biden has been in office, we have been told that his policies are improving our lives.

This has come from the Biden administration, Democrats, and, of course, the mainstream media.

We are all supposed to ignore how much prices have gone up and how much less we have in our bank accounts now.

Joe Biden loves to brag about decreasing gasoline prices and inflation, but these were problems he created and we are still not back at the level we were before he took office.

For many of us, it will take years of a booming economy to replace what Biden cost us in our savings and retirement accounts.

Then you add in the Israel-Hamas war, where Trump is gaining favor simply because progressives are rebelling against Biden for supporting Israel.

Watch how distressed CNN’s Dana Bash is while discussing this during a panel discussion this weekend…

The problem for Biden is not so much people voting against him as it is people just sitting out the election.

We saw the damage that could be done in Michigan, with 100,000 or so “uncommitted” votes being cast.

If that holds true in the general election, Trump will win Michigan rather easily. And that is far from the only state where this will hurt Biden.

Right now, the only thing that appears to be stopping Trump is the federal indictments he is facing in four different cases.

Thus far, Trump has been able to delay these cases, but he is running out of cards to play on that front, and we are likely to see at least one of those cases come to a conclusion before the election.

If Trump is found guilty, he will lose roughly 30% or more of his support, so he knows everything wrests on these cases.

All things being equal in November as they are now, if Trump beats these cases, it is hard to imagine a scenario where Joe Biden will beat him, but Trump will still need every conservative vote to pull the handle for him to make that happen.

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