G. McConway
September 17, 2022

DA Speaks: Fetterman Lone Vote to Free Murderer

The skeletons are starting to come out of the closet for John Fetterman.

Even though he tries to portray himself as a tough-on-crime candidate, Fetterman would love to open PAs prison doors and let everyone roam free.

The more we dig, the more we realize just how much of a radical he really is.

A DA has come forward with more details about Fetterman on this front.

Predetermined Agenda

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub is now telling stories about the "real" John Fetterman.

John David Brookins is in jail for first-degree murder for the 1990 murder of his girlfriend's mother, Sharon Ginsberg.

When Ginsberg was found, she had a pair of scissors lodged in her chest.

I lived in PA at the time and remember the case very well.

Not only was Ginsberg stabbed, but the autopsy found that she was likely beaten very badly as well as strangled.

Fetterman, who oversees the PA Board of Pardons, granted Brookins a hearing in March 2021.

Fetterman conceded that Brookins' testimony was weak during the hearing, but then he stated that because of good behavior, Brookins having a degree in horticulture, and the fact that he taught yoga, "That doesn't square with me."

Contrary to the evidence, Fetterman did not believe Brookins could commit the crime, so he voted to give Brookins clemency.

Thankfully, he was the only person that cast a vote in favor.

DA Weintraub blasted Fetterman, stating, "It seemed to me that he had a predetermined agenda to try to get this guy released without listening to anything anybody had to say about it beforehand.

"I started my remarks by saying that this is an important case for us, for the victims, for the survivors, for the citizens of Buncombe County to get some finality in this case, and I said I would hope that the members of this pardons board not have not prejudged this case.

"He took an insult to that and then I responded and said, 'Well, I have a tweet from you, Mr. Fetterman, from a month before this hearing that presupposed that Brookins was innocent and should be released from jail, and that was my concern.'

"And he really got upset about that.

"This was on a Zoom call, and he shut off his screen. It was the equivalent of a child in a child's game taking his ball and going home."

Fetterman had tweeted about having Brookins freed in May 2020…

Fetterman's track record is that he seems to believe every criminal that tells him he is innocent.

Their word turns the narrative to "a crime they did not commit."

Fetterman is an extreme activist who cannot be permitted to take office.

We must expose this man for what he truly is.

Source: Fox News

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