G. McConway
November 4, 2022

Cruz Hits Trump for Not Spending War Chest

At one point during this election cycle, Donald Trump’s Save America PAC was holding about $250 million.

Very little of that money went out to congressional races, but the pot is now down to $100 million.

It turns out, most of the money is being used to pay off Donald Trump’s legal bills and to pay for staff working at the PAC.

Money has also gone to fund rallies.

At last report, there was about $100 million left, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) wants to see Trump start to cut some checks.

That’s Why People Donated

This is an issue that I have been very hard on Trump for because people did not donate to that PAC on the premise it would be for paying Trump’s legal bills.

We have all seen the emails, and the money was supposed to fight the Democrats.

Trump allies did start another PAC to specifically help candidates, but that has nothing to do with the $250 million that Trump was originally sitting on.

I have no problem with paying the staff and I have no problem with funding rallies, but not spending on ad buys is utterly shameful.

With only $100 million left and his candidates in the home stretch, most of them not getting any money from McConnell, it is up to Trump to fund their campaigns with the Save America PAC money.

What is even more upsetting is that Trump is out there yelling at McConnell when he is sitting on this massive nut.

To that point, Cruz is calling Trump out, and rightfully so…


Win or lose these races, Trump is betraying the trust of his donors by not supporting these candidates.

If he plans on running again in 2024, this is not going to sit well with donors, the same donors he will be expecting to fund his presidential run.

The other downside to this is not winning the Senate majority and losing the majority due to Trump-backed candidates losing their races, especially if they are close races where more ad buys would have made a difference.

And yes, I realize Trump supporters are not going to be happy with what I am saying here, but this is the reality of this election and the money that was donated to his PAC.

He has upset a lot of people that believed in him and believed in his emails as to where that money was going to be spent.

What do you guys think? Do you think it is right that very little of the Save America PAC money has been spent on ad buys for candidates?

Source: Daily Caller

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