G. McConway
July 19, 2023

Mark Levin: Jack Smith Committing Election Interference

I am so glad that Mark Levin made these comments because it is an argument that I simply do not fully comprehend, so this is going to be a fun report.

I am talking of Levin’s recent comments that Special Counsel Jack Smith is interfering in the 2024 election.

Levin slammed the special prosecutor on Twitter, claiming prosecutors are trying to smear Trump to remove him from contention in 2024, reported Breitbart.

The Premise

First, let’s talk about Levin’s comments.

He really went off on Twitter, starting with this post…

Levin concluded, “Yet, because Smith triggers these criminal investigations, he creates his own immunity from congressional oversight, where the rogue prosecutor asserts that he can ignore any questions from Congress because he is in the middle of prosecutions of his own making. This, despite that fact that his actions have thrown the election and the nation into turmoil.”

By Levin’s argument, anyone that was alleged to have committed a crime, if announcing a run for the presidency, should not be investigated during the course of an election.

Let’s not forget, Trump did have the documents in his home, he did make calls to governors and Mike Pence, so these charges are not completely made up, as Levin seems to contend.

Now, I am not saying that prosecutors are not being overly aggressive with Trump, as I am already on record stating that most of the suits and cases against Trump are frivolous, most notably the case that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is conducting.

I have always maintained that the two biggest issues for Trump are his connections to January 6 and the classified documents case.

Now, the counterargument is that the DOJ did not launch any type of official charges against Joe Biden for what was, in my eyes, a far more serious violation just in regard to documents, but that does not dismiss what Trump did, it only points to a jaded justice system.

The DOJ has an unofficial rule in place that it will not launch any investigation into a candidate insider of a 60 to 90-day window before an election takes place, which, again, is something that I just don’t understand.

We saw how disastrous that policy can be in 2020 when the FBI refused to look into Joe Biden because of a presidential election. If anything, I would think the American people would want these investigations launched to ensure the candidates in the race are worthy of the office.

This is not a dig against Trump, quite the opposite… if someone does something wrong, why does an election give them a free pass? This is about Mark Levin saying whatever needs to be said in order to create clicks and views for his social media. And if you don't believe me, go look at the things that Levin said about Trump in 2016 when the popular thing to do was bash Trump.

Mark Levin is a brilliant legal-constitutional mind, which is why him taking up this stance is so shocking to me, as he is now simply just echoing whatever talking points that Donald Trump is pushing at the time.

My biggest problem in all of this is the righteous attitude these people are taking with Trump, For instance, Jack Smith stated, “we have one set of laws in this country,” further stating that no person is above the law.

Well, then, why are we not holding the Clintons and the Bidens to this same standard?

All I want is a level playing field and if Levin wanted to make an argument, it should have been as to who this current justice system is overly tilted in favor of the left, as Trump is clearly being treated on a different scale than even the most corrupt Democrats.

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