November 8, 2023

Comer Says Bank Records Led to 10 Different Biden Family Members

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) is done playing games when it comes to tracing the Biden money.

Comer has finally been able to get his hands on bank records, not all of them mind you, but enough to see that money has been flying all over the place.

Comer says that he has been able to trace the money to 10 different family members, and he is going to call them all in to testify before committee.

Let’s Hear It

Comer has uncovered two payments made to Joe Biden by James Biden totaling $240,000.

Both Joe and James Biden say these payments were loan repayments, only Joe Biden has no proof that was actually the case.

Comer said payments were actually spread among 10 family members, and they are going to “bring them all in.”

Comer stated, “We’re going to bring them all in, and we now have the bank records.

“And, remember, you asked about specific transactions. We didn’t know about the two checks to Joe Biden until three weeks ago. It has taken a long time to subpoena and obtain all the bank records.

“And I don’t think the average American can imagine how many different bank accounts and how many different banks and how many different companies — and most of them were shell companies, if not all of them, that we were dealing with. We had to find them all.

“We had to request the information to subpoena the information and then hope and work with the banks to obtain it. We have it all.

“Then the hard part, we had to trace the money. Now we have traced the money to where we can look at specific transactions, trace them back to the country of their origin, and trace them all the way through the shell companies — all the way through the money-laundering processes to 10 different Biden family members.”

Comer has asked Biden to provide any documentation that he has on the matter to dispel the allegations, but Joe Biden has refused to cooperate.

A canceled check or a bank statement showing the money transfer would be ideal, as a formal agreement could be easily forged now, but Biden has not been willing to show any of these.

It is not helping Joe or James that these “loan repayment” checks also happened to show up right around the time large payouts were being made to Hunter.

If you have the proof, Joe, show us, or this is going to haunt you through the election season.

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