G. McConway
May 11, 2023

Comer Drops Evidence from House Oversight Committee

For weeks, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has been getting everyone hyped about the evidence he has on the Biden family.

On Wednesday, he finally dropped it all for the American people to see.

The reaction was mixed, at best, depending on which side of the aisle you sit on.

Judgment Day

Comer teased the release on Tuesday, stating, “Tomorrow, for the first time, the American people are gonna see actual bank records that show wire transfers from adversaries around the world into a web of LLCs that were owned or controlled by the Bidens and then those transfers were made back into the Biden family accounts.”

Comer compared the Bidens to a mob family, stating, “They [the Bidens] set this up to be as complicated as possible. To make it as difficult as possible to do two things, number one: trace where the sender was, and secondly, to deceive the IRS”

He added, “And they didn’t make transfers directly to Biden families, they would transfer from one LLC to another LLC and then make a wire to one Biden then a wire to the Biden’s LLC. I mean, it’s just, I’ve never seen activity like this and I’ve been involved in banking for a long time. They were clearly trying to cover up the source of the money and they were certainly trying to protect ‘the big guy.’”

Comer also claims to have evidence that Joe Biden took bribes to set policy. He had set a noon deadline on Wednesday for Director Wray to turn that evidence over, but it never happened.

Wray gave the usual nonsense about national security to protect the document and keep it hidden from Congress.

Bud Cummins, a former federal prosecutor, is the man that reported the alleged bribes, claiming he had evidence that Joe Biden “exercised influence to protect” his son’s Ukrainian employer “in exchange for payments to Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Joe Biden,” reports the New York Post.

Cummins added, “It seems kind of perverse to me to only investigate me and turn a blind eye to potential evidence of some fairly serious stuff — bribery, even I guess you could call it treason.”

Conservatives seemed convinced this was the smoking gun, while most mainstream media outlets said that they failed to see a see a single link to Joe Biden.

It is a shame, really, because if the Democrats dropped something like this on Trump, an army of investigative reporters would have been launched to push this along. Instead, our mainstream media continues to cover for Joe Biden.

For instance, Time Magazine said “Comer Swings and Misses on Allegations…”

They just do not want to believe, or rather they refuse to admit, that Joe Biden is about as corrupt as they come.

This is now up to Comer to produce a direct link soon because if he does not, this all goes away.

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