May 21, 2024

Cohen Admits to Embezzling Money from Trump Organization

Micheal Cohen was clearly a mistake for Alvin Bragg to put on the stand.

He got crushed in cross-examination, but that was nothing to the revelation that hit this week.

Cohen confessed to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump Organization because he was upset his bonus was cut.

It Was Mine

The general strategy for the prosecution, when a witness makes a deal or does something against the person on trial, is to get it out there.

Prosecutors usually disclose everything as soon as they start questioning the witness so it is unconfrontational, can be explained, and then moved on so the defense cannot use it against them.

That did not happen with Michael Cohen, as it was Trump’s defense team that exposed the unknown fact that Cohen had embezzled money from the Trump Organization.

Cohen admitted that he told Trump’s CFO they owed Red Finch $50,000, but the real number was only $20,000.

Cohen kept the other $30,000 for himself because he felt cheated out of his bonus that year.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called the revelation “stunning.”

Laura Coates added, “Not 15 bucks. And we I mean, if you if you go to the table, you can break down what was already know. We’ve known about what the breakdown of the money is $130,000 to Daniels and her attorney.

“You’ve got $50,000. That’s. This is important here. This was mentioned today that he only gave Red Finch $20,000.”

The media, of course, tried to flip this narrative about Red Finch allegedly goosing polls in favor of Trump as well as getting back to the hush money aspect of the case.

This, however, was to establish that Cohen is a shady character and not trustworthy, and this stolen money by Cohen once again proves that he could have been acting on his own.

The only real proof they have that Trump was involved in the hush-money payment is Cohen’s statement, which could now support Trump’s claim that Cohen was doing all of this on his own to try to protect Trump.

It is a staggering blow to Bragg’s case.

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