G. McConway
December 27, 2023

CNN: Biden Appears ‘Out of touch’ with Americans by Boasting Economy

If you ask Joe Biden how the economy is doing, he will tell you it’s amazing and the media is just presenting everything in a negative way.

To that point, when Biden was recently asked about the economic outlook for 2024 before disappearing for another vacation, he told the reporter to “start reporting it the right way.”

CNN, one of the many mainstream media networks that have covered for Biden during his presidency, is now calling out Biden for ignoring the reality of the economy, saying Joe is “out of touch” with mainstream America by continuing to tout the economy.

Out of Touch

Biden is severely underwater on the economy in every poll that is out there right now, even with the media trying to help him.

For instance, the New York Times recently published an article with the headline, “Even Most Biden Voters Don’t See a Thriving Economy.”

The article starts off by touting “solid economic data,” even though the story of most Americans is anything but solid.

For the first time in the history of this country, Americans have accumulated more than $1 trillion in debt. Overall savings contributions are down, and almost half of the adults in the country cannot survive a $1,000 emergency.

Even so, Biden and top Democrats continue to push the message that Americans are doing great right now, only nobody is giving Joe Biden credit for what he has done.

Is the economy better than it has been? The honest answer to that is “yes.” However, is it a far cry from where people were before Joe Biden took office.

Just look at gasoline prices as an example. They are nowhere near the highs that we saw over the last three years, but they are still about 50% higher than they were when Biden took office, and gasoline prices impact the price of just about everything else that consumers use.

Spectrum News political anchor Errol Louis appeared on “CNN This Morning” this week to slap Biden in the face with a dose of reality, stating, "Sure, the economy might be getting better, but if voters don't perceive it in time, he'll… he'll lose.”

The key to that is in the first sentence, “getting better.” Biden basically wants credit for spilling the milk and cleaning it up, and the American people are not going to do that.

FreedomWorks Chief Economist Steve Moore added, "Americans are feeling financial stress. If you look at what's happened to Americans' incomes after inflation—the average American family has lost about $2,000 dollars in purchasing power and they're feeling it.”

For most of us, rents are up, groceries are still more expensive, and healthcare rates are rising for 2024.

The fact is that the damage done to most of our wallets over the last three years will take several years to recover, and the economy would have to be roaring ahead of where it was in 2020 in order for that to happen.

Our savings accounts have been going backward for years, so one or two good months are not going to fix that.

But, again, Democrats and Joe Biden will continue to tout Bidenomics as a success, even though it has devasted the slush fund of the average American worker.

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