G. McConway
July 31, 2023

Chris Christie: Trump Will Be Out on Bail During Campaign

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided to throw his hat into the presidential ring a couple of weeks ago.

He did this knowing full well that he has zero, and I mean NO CHANCE of getting the nod.

However, I believe that he entered this race to help DeSantis and take out Trump, and he continues to mercilessly attack his former buddy every chance someone sticks a microphone in his face.

The Attack Dog

This is nothing new for Christie, who served the same role in 2016 to help Trump. Christie believed he was going to get a prominent cabinet role for Trump and went after Bush with guns blazing.

It worked, and Christie was appointed to Trump’s transition team, but he never made the cabinet, and he has been after Trump ever since.

While doing the Sunday morning media circuit, Christie continued his attack on Trump, this time concentrating on the idea of Trump being indicted and possibly out on bail by the time the debates start for the election, reported The Hill.

Christie stated, “You can’t say there was no underlying potential crime here. This was the withholding of classified confidential information from the government, after 18 months of asking Donald Trump to return it voluntarily.

“Not only did he not return it, he lied about having it.

“This is not the kind of thing we can’t do. I want you to think about the potential effect on our troops and our intelligence officers, by having this stuff just laying around and him willy-nilly showing it to whoever he feels like, to be a showoff on the back deck at Mar-a-Lago. This is not what a former president should be doing.

“I want voters to listen to this. It is most likely that by the time we get on the debate stage on August 23, the front-runner will be out on bail in four different jurisdictions, Florida, Washington, Georgia, and New York. Out on bail. I mean, that doesn’t even clear the low-class bar that Donald Trump is advocating for. Look, I’m running for president because I want to do the big things.

“Joe Biden will be the president again if Donald Trump’s the nominee,” reported Breitbart.

Now, I think Christie is a clown, but the point he is making is a solid one.

Voters have plenty of time to allow this to play out, but they may have to make a very hard decision if they want to continue to support Trump if he gets indicted and convicted.

Trump’s main base will never waiver, but there are fringe Trump supporters that this could scare off, and voters on the fence are clearly going to go with someone else.

The only true way to describe this primary race is a hot mess… and I don’t even think that comes close to the mess that Trump’s legal problems are going to bring to this primary and possibly general election.

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