CJR Staff
March 13, 2023

Chinese Rocket Drops Over Texas

Another Chinese object made its way into the atmosphere Texas, according to a Space Command spokesperson.

The Chines rocket pieces reportedly disintegrated over Texas.

"U.S. Space Command can confirm the People’s Republic of China CZ-2D Rocket Body, SCC# 52910, reentered the Earth’s atmosphere over the southern region of North America at approximately 8:30 pm MT on March 7, 2023," the Space Command spokesperson said.

China Enters American Air Space Again

"There was no physical impact to North America. Rocket bodies, satellites, and meteors reenter over the Earth on a regular basis, and most burn up in the atmosphere," Breitbart News reported. "This was an uncontrolled reentry, meaning it was not 'steered' but rather its orbit decayed and lowered naturally. This type of behavior reinforces the need for better international norms regarding high-risk uncontrolled reentries."

"The component was from the body of a Chang Zheng 2D 'Long March' rocket that launched June 23, 2022, from the Xichang Space Center in China, carrying three Chinese satellites into space," reported Breitbart News.

"The satellites were three military electronic signals surveillance satellites that were believed to be targeted over the South China Sea," said astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

"The reported 'disintegration' of the rocket over Texas comes after China flew a giant 250-foot spy balloon over the continental U.S. in early February, prompting a diplomatic crisis and the U.S. military to shoot it down as it exited over South Carolina over the Atlantic Ocean," reported Breitbart.

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