Ryan E.
August 6, 2023

Chicago Mayor's Outburst Goes Viral

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hasn't been in office for very long, but he's already gotten very good at the liberal way of dealing with accusations:

Ignore them.

Joe Biden does it, Hillary Clinton does it, and now Johnson does it.

When confronted with the truth, don't acknowledge it. Simply get angry and change the subject.

Biden has been accused of doing this since his first day in the White House, with many people thinking that his angry outbursts might not even be Joe's fault. These people believe that Biden is suffering the effects of his advanced age and that his anger flashes are more indicative of something wrong with his brain in general than just simply being temper tantrums.

Think about it. Biden is so irrational that his dog has bitten literally seven people in the White House, and the president's family refuses to do anything about it.

Hey, they aren't biting Bidens, so why should Joe family's care if his mutt is drawing blood?

That's the exact same way most liberals treat issues in America.

As long as they can lie to the stupid people in America and promise them free things in return for votes, America's liberals see little need to ever try to tell the truth.

Johnson is already perfecting the art, recently yelling at a reporter who dared to say that liberal protestors were crossing into "mob" territory.

Despite them causing damage, Johnson seemed adamant to defend the criminals because they were supporting liberal causes.

Johnson was asked about how he felt about recent "mob actions" in the city.

He refused to answer the question.

Instead, he just yelled that the rioters were not to be defined as a "mob."

"That’s not appropriate, we’re not talking about mob actions. I didn’t say that," Johnson barked.

"These are large gatherings, it’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way."

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