G. McConway
May 12, 2023

California Reparations Committee Takes Shot at Reagan

Gavin Newsom's reparations committee is getting all kinds of headlines this week.

The committee came up with a checklist of events that put a daily dollar amount on alleged wrongs done to black Americans.

The tab if they check all the boxes is $1.2 million. That, however, is not everything.

Behind Door #2, they have a special surprise for conservatives.

Are They Kidding?

The committee has also decided that Ronald Reagan owes them an apology… and no, I am not kidding.

It would appear that Reagan's use of the term "welfare queen" has them a bit peeved, and they are looking for closure on the matter, reports WFIN.

The committee is now calling for the California state legislature to apologize on Reagan's behalf.

The committee stated, "The legislature must apologize on behalf of the state of California and the people of California for the perpetration of gross human rights violations and genocide of Africans who were enslaved and their descendants through public apology, requests for forgiveness, censure of state perpetrators, and tributes to victims.

"In issuing its apology, the legislature must formally apologize on its own behalf, and on behalf of the state of California, for all of the harms delineated in the [task force's final] report, and for the atrocities committed by California state actors who promoted, facilitated, enforced, and permitted the institution of chattel slavery and its legacy of ongoing badges and incidents of slavery that form the systemic structures of discrimination," reports Fox News.

"California — its executive branch, courts, and legislature — denied African Americans their fundamental liberties and denied their humanity throughout the state's history, from before the Civil War to the present. By participating in these horrors, California further perpetuated the harms African Americans faced, imbuing racial prejudice throughout society through segregation, public and private discrimination, and unequal disbursal of state and federal funding."

The apology is expected to include a "censure of the gravest barbarities carried out on behalf of the state by its representative officers, governing bodies, and the people," highlighting several examples in a "non-exhaustive list."

On that list, among other things, is the term "welfare queen" that was used by Reagan in what they are calling "racist coding to promote his philosophy preferring a limited government."

If we are being technical, Reagan was not the governor when he first used the term. Regan left office in 1975, and he used that term in the campaign trail during the 1976 presidential race.

The report goes on to cite injustices in the medical and legal fields. For example, it cites that white people only make up 39 percent of the adult population, but constitute 66 percent of the attorneys.

They basically want percentages in all of these fields to be a direct representative of the population.

I think California needs to rectify this as I am as serious as a heart attack. Fire half the attorneys and stand out on the street corner and offer legal licenses to people that did not want to go to school to level the playing field. Do the same thing with doctors. Fire however many white doctors you need and give medical licenses out to minorities and let's get them working in hospitals as quickly as we can.

As long as they only do this in California, I say go for it.

Do I sound ridiculous? Well, not as ridiculous as the recommendations of this reparations committee!

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