G. McConway
July 13, 2023

Burgis: AOC Made Mistake in Endorsing Joe Biden

Ben Burgis is an adjunct philosophy professor at Rutgers University.

He also happens to be a contributing columnist on Jacobin.

Now, I will admit that I know little about the publication, but a quick scan of its articles has me believing this publication is tilted to the left.

That is what made it so surprising that Burgis called out AOC and several other Democrats for going all-in on Joe Biden before the primary election is over.

Too Soon

Burgis makes a great argument… voters don’t want Biden and the primary has not yet happened, so let this all play out before jumping in, especially this far away from the first primary ballot being cast.

Typically, politicians will get behind a candidate as their state gets closer, but this has not been a typical election season.

Donald Trump is lining up every congressional endorsement he can get, and Joe Biden is now following suit.

To that point, Biden recently got a thumbs up from Democrats Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Burgis wrote, “But why should any of them endorse Biden — especially right now? It would be one thing if this were late 2024 and the country were facing an imminent choice between Biden and Donald Trump (or Biden and Ron DeSantis) and there was a real danger that the greater evil would win. Right now, though, we’re several months away from the first primaries."

Burgis would prefer that socialist Democrats look for an alternative to Joe, not to mention pushing reforms in Joe’s face to get him to break to their demands for their endorsement. Instead, they could not wait to get behind Biden, who only seven months literally broke the rail union.

This endorsement shows Democrat “unity,” but at what cost?

I have always been adamant that even if I do not agree with a position by an elected official, as long as they are representing THEIR constituents, they are doing their job, and I can live with that.

Well, how is endorsing Biden looking out for the people that back these socialist Democrats?

Now, I love the move because it shows how hypocritical this bunch of Democrats really are, but Burgis is not entertained by this at all.

In his article, Burgis concludes, “We need to draw clear lines between the center and the Left, and make a forthright case for the future we need. That means acting like we and Joe Biden don’t comfortably fit together in the same big tent.”

That may happen in the off years, but in an election cycle, that will never happen because Democrats are more interested in power than they are in integrity.

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