G. McConway
May 13, 2023

Brennan Closed-door Hearing Fruitful for Jim Jordan

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) seemed pretty upbeat after his closed-door hearing with former CIA Director John Brennan.

Brennan was one of 51 former intelligence officials that signed the letter for Biden to try to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story.

According to Jordan, the meeting with Brennan lasted about four hours, and he confirmed that the letter was purely political.

It's Been Confirmed

Jordan stated, "[Brennan] sat for a four-hour interview and he further confirmed that this thing was all political," reported Fox News.

Jordan was also upset with Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) after the hearing.

Goldman grabbed some headlines after it was over gushing over Brennan while at the same time blasting Jordan for "infringement on the First Amendment that this investigation is going on — [Brennan] was a private citizen when he wrote this letter."

Jordan pushed back, stating, "Mr. Goldman talked about public servants. We expect public servants not to use their title to influence an election."

Jordan then commented on the fact that Biden presented this letter as if nobody in his camp even solicited it, which we know Blinken planted the seed with Michael Morell.

He stated, "And he presented it as if it was all organic — just shazam! It just happened out of the goodness of all these individuals' hearts. They wanted to do this as if there was no political motivation whatsoever, and we know that was not accurate."

What remains shocking to me is that the mainstream media is still not reporting on the fact that this was all rigged. This is literally the definition of election interference by a slew of former top-ranked intelligence officials simply because they did not like Donald Trump.

After all the hype about Russian collusion that did not happen, they have government officials who clearly plotted to help a candidate, and every Democrat and the media are sitting on their hands.

I mean, do a search trying to find Jordan's closed-door hearing with Brennan and the only major outlet covering the story is Fox News!

I don't care what side of the aisle you are on, nobody should be okay with this.

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