G. McConway
July 18, 2023

Bragg May Have Handed Trump the Legal Edge He Needed

There is a little something brewing in the Trump classified documents case that could hand Trump a major victory on the legal front.

At the very least, it would create one less legal problem for Trump to deal with.

This could also end up having the entire case dismissed if Trump’s attorneys are savvy enough, and Trump may just have Alvin Bragg to thank for it.

Let’s Play a Game

This all centers around the Alvin Bragg hush money case for payments made to Stormy Daniels.

That trial is already set for March 25 in the Manhattan courts, reported the New York Times. This presents Trump with an issue for campaigning, but of all the cases he faces, this is, by far, the weakest. The downside is that Trump does not have a friendly judge and he is unlikely to get a friendly jury unless his attorneys work some magic in the jury pool.

That aside, Judge Aileen Cannon will set the date for Trump v. United States case, which is the classified documents case.

The DOJ wants the trial to begin on December 11, but the Trump team is already maneuvering for additional time for pretrial motions, discovery, and resolution of issues under the Classified Information Procedures Act, which governs admission into evidence of classified documents, reported The Hill.

If Cannon agrees to more time, the Trump team can then argue that March or April will not work because there is the Bragg trial, plus Trump’s campaign schedule.

That argument fell on deaf ears in New York, but Cannon was appointed by Trump, so he will get a friendlier ear in that courtroom.

If Cannon buys that argument, she may just decide to put the case off after the election. If that happens, it is game over for that case IF Trump wins the election.

You better believe that whoever Trump puts in as Attorney General will have already been told that your first order of business is to drop that classified documents case.

If Cannon does make this concession, the DOJ will appeal the case, which then takes it out of Cannon’s hands and into the hands of whatever makeup Trump draws on the appeals circuit. From there, it would go to the Supreme Court.

That will all take months… and by then, Joe Biden may not be president any longer.

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