Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead Days After Testifying

Conspiracy theory sleuths are having a field day right now, and it is hard to blame them in this report.

John Barnett, a former Boeing employee turned whistleblower, was found dead this week.

Barnett apparently died from a self-inflicted wound outside his hotel.

Suspicious Death

Barnett retired from Boeing in 2017, but he had worked for the company for more than 30 years.

The latter days of his career were spent as a quality manager at the North Charleston plant making the 787 Dreamliner.

As most of you probably remember, Boeing came under serious scrutiny after a door flew off an Alaskan Airlines flight.

The FAA then conducted an audit, with Boeing failing 33 of the 97 points of inspection.

That brings us to Barnett, who made several claims against Boeing, including that the company used sub-par parts during the manufacturing process and that as much as 25% of the fleet would fail regarding the emergency oxygen system.

Barnett had testified only days before his body was found in his truck, outside the hotel, in what is thus far being ruled a suicide.

Those closest to Barnett are already pushing back, saying that he was not in any way suicidal.

If you need a motive, look no further than Boeing's government contracts valued at about $24 billion and annual sales of roughly $78 billion.

All that is at risk after the door incident as well as wheels falling off another jetliner in the last week after takeoff, forcing an emergency landing. If negligence was proved rather than an accident, well, it would be the end of Boeing.

Are we accusing Boeing of having this man killed? Absolutely not, but we are saying his death is awfully suspicious and a clear motive exists.

I look forward to the full investigation being undertaken and the report to explain all this.

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