Ryan E.
January 13, 2024

Biden's Yemen Strike Reignites Congress' Battle Over War Powers

Recently, Joe Biden decided to strike Yemen.

Pretty much immediately, the expected happened.

Members of America's far-left came out of the woodwork, flapping their gums about how the United States shouldn't be supporting Israel.

They're wrong.

For once, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Squad and other far-left lunatics in America are getting blocked from getting everything they want.

Even Barack Obama has gotten on Joe Biden's case, saying that even the little support the president has given Israel has been too much.

For years, America's lunatic left has had far too great of an influence on the decision-making process in American politics.

You can select any issue you want, and a fringe group of liberals who yell the loudest have probably hijacked the whole argument.

Take the abortion argument, for instance. You would instantly be screamed at for being a bigot by any liberal in America if they found out you were not pro-choice. That's because just a few liberals have brainwashed the whole party to think that abortions are largely a result of rape of some other tragedy.

That's not even close to true. Sure, rapes do happen, and they are terrible. But they make up a far smaller percentage of abortions than the left would have you believe.

The Squad and other ultra-liberal groups in America are trying to do the same thing when it comes to the war between Israel and the terrorists that slaughtered innocent people.

Because the cowardly terrorists hide under public buildings like schools to use children like meat shields, liberals paint the picture that America is supporting the indiscriminate bombing of civilians.

We are not supporting anything like that. The kids should be kept safe. That is, safe from Hamas.

If you ever need to know which side of an issue to take, just learn what AOC and her friends are thinking about the issue. Then pick the opposite side.

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