October 16, 2023

Biden’s National Security Adviser Taking Heat for Quiet Middle East Comments

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has been a disappointment on all fronts for conservatives.

It was bad enough that he was tied to the Hunter Biden drama, yet another Biden staffer from the Obama years who was rewarded for being a Hunter mentor.

Now, his foreign policy failings have made the United States embarrassed and at risk of going to war again.

Did Not Age Well

About two weeks ago, Sullivan was attending the Atlantic Festival when he proclaimed that all was quiet in the Middle East.

He stated, “The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.

“Now challenges remain – Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. But the amount of time that I have to spend on crisis and conflict in the Middle East today compared to any of my predecessors, going back to 911 is significantly reduced.”

Now Sullivan is trying to spin his way out of that. There is simply no way that Sullivan would have made that comment if there was any known chatter that Hamas was readying itself to launch an attack.

This weekend, Sullivan was asked why his assessment of the Middle East was “so far off,” and he turned into a DJ spinning records.

He stated, “Well, first Kristen, I made those comments in the context of developments in the wider Middle East region over the last few years after two decades that involved a civil war in Yemen and a massive humanitarian catastrophe, a civil war in Syria and a massive refugee crisis, an invasion and insurgency in Iraq, a NATO military operation in Libya, Iranian-backed attacks on both Saudi [Arabia] and the UAE, as well as many other steps including the rise of a terrorist caliphate that actually occupied a huge amount of territory.

“The sentence before what you just played, I said, in fact, that this was for now, and that it could all change. And the two threats that I identified that were the most acute on my mind at the time, were tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, as I mentioned, and the threat from Iran.”

He absolutely did say that, but again, why brag about how quiet this terrorist breeding ground is if there is even a remote possibility that something could break out?

Hamas has already come out to confirm that this attack had been planned for about two years, so I want to know how, with all the assets we have in place, did that information get by our intelligence agencies?

A little more food for thought… notice Hamas stated that the planning of this attack started right around the time that Joe Biden came into office, so that should tell you what they think of Joe Biden’s weakness.

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