G. McConway
November 26, 2022

Biden’s Latest Anti-Gun Comments Leave Critics Seething

We knew this was coming.

Joe Biden appears to be ready to launch a serious attack against the Second Amendment that would just about empty the shelves of gun stores.

While taking his vacation break in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Biden launched an assault against all semi-automatic weapons.

It's Sick

Biden, referring to the mass shooting in Colorado, stated, "The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick.

"Just sick. It has no socially redeeming value. Zero. None.

"Not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers."

The reporter then asked Biden if he thought he would be able to make a serious move against guns, to which Biden replied, "I'm going to try. I'm going to try to get rid of assault weapons."

So, if Biden got his way, basically, the only guns anyone would be able to own would be revolvers.

The pushback on social media was immediate, including conservative actor James Woods, who tweeted, "So essentially all guns are on the Big Guy's chopping block."

Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton added, "Wow. Are there any guns Biden would not ban?"

There were others…

As well as people even questioning if Biden knows what the definition of semi-automatic even means…

Actually, I think he knows what it means and wants to ban them all.

If there were a semi-automatic weapons ban, virtually every modern gun on the market would be banned, leaving us with old-school revolvers and single-bolt action rifles.

Once again, however, Biden and Democrats are not actually looking at the person pulling the trigger and only the weapon used.

This is not going to fly with most Americans, as there are plenty of Democrats out there that are Second Amendment supporters who do not want to give up their guns.

They also seem to ignore how many illegal weapons come into this country via our border every year, which has obviously increased with Biden's lax policies.

What they will be doing is leaving most of America as sitting ducks to criminals.

Thankfully, I don't think we have to worry about this right now with a GOP House and a Senate that will be no more than 51-49.

Source: Fox News

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