Ryan E.
November 6, 2022

Biden's America Now Known As "Decline By Design"

Joe Biden is hiding a nasty secret that most Americans don't realize.

Because he's trying to call it an "accident."

The fact is though, Bidenflation is leading to what many are calling "Decline by design." The idea is to get as many people dependent on the federal government as possible. That way, when the general public is addicted to government assistance and guidance, they have to vote for liberals to keep receiving it.

Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Bernie, AOC, and the rest of them think they've figured out a way to stay in office forever. After all, why would citizens vote them out if it means the voters will lose their benefits?

Because REAL Americans are not lazy. REAL Americans are what keep this country running, and they are the ones that are going to be turning out this midterm season.

America has figured out that Joe Biden's economy is NOT an accident.

It's "Decline by design."

"It’s not Joe Biden’s bad luck that he happened to be an office when we have 13 percent inflation or gas at five or even six dollars a gallon in some states. The sense of decline most Americans have is, again, not an accident. It’s not unintentional. It’s decline by design," Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said.

"The progressive left — going back a hundred years — is at best ambivalent about America. Many are openly critical or even hostile to America, but they’re all hostile to the sources of American power: a strong military; a strong, prosperous, growing economy; American energy production and independence; sovereign borders and freedom of action in the world; standing up for friends; standing up against adversaries like China."

"Down through the ages, every time a progressive Democrat takes the White House, they’re pursuing policies that undermine the sources of American power, and it’s only gotten worse with Bill Clinton and especially Barack Obama — the most ideological man to be president since Wilson — and Barack Obama’s understudy, Joe Biden," he concluded.

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