October 20, 2023

Biden Doxxed Special Forces Unit in White House X Post

Joe Biden made a major miscalculation this week with a post on X.

On Wednesday, the White House posted a picture of Joe Biden with members of our Special Forces units in Israel.

The faces of the operators were not blurred, which caused outrage online for having possibly put their lives at risk.


According to reports, the soldiers in the photo were members of our elite Delta Force.

I know a former Delta operator and in my opinion, these are the most elite fighters we have, including Navy SEALs.

Unlike many SEALs who have gone Hollywood, Delta continues to keep its missions and success to itself, operating behind the scenes in complete anonymity.

That anonymity is crucial to their success, as they sometimes infiltrate locally to carry out missions.

That post possibly put their lives in danger and regardless of the fact the post was soon deleted, you know it was captured by someone, with a price now likely on all their heads.

Journalist Sam Shoemate stated, "The Whitehouse media team shared this picture last night (I added the black boxes) without blurring or censoring the faces of the ‘Delta Force’ (CAG) operator’s faces. They deleted it an hour later after hundreds of thousands had already viewed it. This is a massive failure on the Biden admin."

The White House responded, "As soon as this was brought to our attention, we immediately deleted the photo. We regret the error and any issues this may have caused."

I have to ask… how did whoever is in charge of social media not know that the identity of these men cannot be shared? Furthermore, why was the picture posted at all? Why would the White House even admit that we have boots on the ground there, let alone Delta Force?

Fox News contributor Sara Carter wrote, "Is the White House really this stupid or are they just trying to get people targeted? This is totally unacceptable…These operators are required to maintain a level of discretion that this administration has completely disregarded. I would know, my husband is a retired operator.

"They are elite trained fighters and something as simple as facial ID recognition is putting them in direct threat by adversaries. How did this happen White House?"

The assignment of these operators is not even made public on their home base, assigned to a cover unit to shield anyone from knowing they are Delta. All of that went out the window with one picture by Joe Biden.

Biden put their lives and careers at stake just so he could have a photo op. It is utterly disgusting.

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