G. McConway
May 13, 2023

Biden Wanted to Release Migrants Without Court Dates

For two years, this administration had time to put a plan together to deal with the eventual end of Title 42.

Now, keep in mind two things about this…

Joe Biden wanted to end this program as soon as he took office.

It was also a COVID order, so it was going to end at some point regardless.

Yet, with both of those factors, the brilliant idea they came up with is to release migrants into this country and do so without a court date, leaving it up to the migrants to recontact the government to set up a court date, reports Fox News.

What Plan?

If you read the criticisms by the GOP about Biden’s border plan, most mainstream media outlets have the audacity to say that Biden does have a plan. They are literally buying into the idea that this mass release is somehow good for the country.

Most outlets are also applauding the sending of 1,500 troops to the border, but they are all making it sound as though the troops are going to be used for enforcement, not support roles as clerks, processors, and transportation.

But there is now one more little piece to this puzzle that is infuriating.

The New York Post got a look at the paperwork for some of these migrants. They have court dates that are set more than a decade away. For instance, some of the dates for migrants in Brownsville, TX, read 2032 and 2035 in Chicago and Florida.

Is our government that inept that they have not added immigration judges to deal with this influx of migrants yet to move these along? Or, is the Biden administration purposely setting these dates so far away as to ensure these migrants can set up roots in this country to prevent them from being deported?

It would actually seem to be the former, as there were more than 700,000 asylum cases filed in 2022, with an outstanding case load of more than two million cases. This year, they expect to see another 700,000+ cases filed.

So, here is another question… if we are seeing more than two million people cross the border every year, and there are only 700,000 asylum cases filed, and we know the majority of those are declined historically, why are there so few deportations taking place?

According to ICE reports for 2022, “ERO [Enforcement Removal Operations] conducted 142,750 administrative arrests in FY 2022, nearly doubling the number it made in FY 2021. ERO arrested 46,396 noncitizens with a criminal history; those arrested had an average of 4.3 charges and convictions per individual, including more than 20,000 charges or convictions for assault, 5,500 for weapons offenses, 1,500 for homicide-related offenses, and 1,100 for kidnapping. Removals also included 2,667 known or suspected gang members, 55 known or suspected terrorists, seven human rights violators, and 74 foreign fugitives wanted by their governments for crimes including homicide, rape, terrorism, and kidnapping.

“The directorate conducted 72,177 removals to more than 150 countries worldwide. During this time, ERO also conducted over 200,000 additional transportation segments, including domestic transfers and Title 42 expulsions, for a total of 249,435 individual movements of noncitizens.”

So what happened to the rest of them? The numbers do not jibe with what this administration is telling the American people. By my count, there are well over one million illegal immigrants unaccounted for… so where are they?

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