G. McConway
September 12, 2023

Biden Under Scrutiny After 'Frail' Appearance in Vietnam

While foreign leaders are fawning all over Joe Biden during his worldwide trip, the American people and media do not like what they are seeing.

Joe Biden is looking worse for wear, even after taking 20 days off last month to get ready for this trip.

Biden has appeared frail, confused, and tired when speaking in public, only causing more concern about his age.

Just Retire

The little signs have been adding up over time.

For instance, Forbes and other outlets reported in July that Joe Biden is now using the lower stairs on Air Force One to avoid falls, as he has done several times since taking office.

Those falls are usually in memes about 10 seconds after they happen, but the reality is at Joe's age, any fall can be a major health issue.

During this trip, Biden lost his concentration several times while talking to the media.

During his Hanoi presser, Biden took five questions, spoke for about 25 minutes, and then his staff literally pulled the plug.

In the middle of explaining discussions with the Chinese, Biden stated, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed," reported Breitbart.

While he started to mumble his way through the second part of his answer, his microphone was cut, and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called an end to the presser.

Biden started this trip off by heading to the G20 summit in India, then headed to Vietnam.

Presidents have been required to take trips like this since I can remember, but I have never seen anyone as wiped out as Biden is after just a few days.

Even so, the White House points to Joe's busy schedule as the reason that he looks so tired.

When he comes back to the White House, Biden will more than likely take another vacation or, at the very least, take a closed-off weekend in Delaware to rest his bones.

And we are supposed to act like this is okay and normal for a sitting US president.

So let me ask one more question…

If Biden is this bad now, what should we expect in two or four years if he wins re-election?

The thought is horrifying, yet half this country is ready to pull the handle for him next November.

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