G. McConway
September 5, 2023

Biden Touts ‘Strongest Economy,’ Only…

Joe Biden continues to live in a fantasy world.

The man insists that he created 12 million jobs and has led one of the strongest economic comebacks in history.

The only problem is that it is all a lie.

A monkey could have sat in the Oval Office and I would almost bet that the last two years would have been better than what happened under Biden.

I Did This

Over Labor Day weekend, Joe took some time off from his beach holiday to head to nearby Philadelphia to tout his Bidenomics.

Joe stated that Bidenomics is a blue-collar blueprint for America. It's for you.

"As I said a thousand times, there is no quit in America. None. All I hear from my friends on the other side, what they say is wrong with America.

"They keep telling us America is failing. They're wrong. I've got news for them. America has the strongest economy in the world right now today.

"Lowest inflation rate among any major economy, 13.5 million new jobs.

"America isn't failing. America is winning, and the rest of the world knows it. That's why our friends and allies are looking to us," reported Fox News.

The jobs that Joe Biden is touting, well, they were all jobs that came back after the COVID lockdown was over, not because of anything that Biden had done.

His policies triggered the inflation that he is talking about. And by the way, it is starting to go back up, just as we predicted several months ago.

I remember telling readers not to go crazy this summer because winter could be tough once gasoline prices start to rise again, and they are going back up.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo even poured water on Biden's take on the economy.

Raimondo stated, "The reality is that inflation still exists, and it is something that people see on a daily basis when they go to the grocery store, or pay their rent, or pay their mortgage, and we have to know that.

"That's still a challenge for folks. That being said, if you look at where we are today, compared to when the president took office, it's an unbelievable story of progress."

I have not paid as much for electricity over the summer as I did this summer. Bills that used to be $90 were more than $260. Basic groceries are at least double what they were before.

We are getting killed, but Joe would not know that because he spends 40 percent of his time on vacation and about half of the other time sleeping.

Sorry, Joe, but you failed.

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