October 18, 2023

Biden to Tap Congress for $100 Billion Ukraine and Israel Aid Package

Let me be clear about something before I get into this report…

I firmly support the United States helping Israel defend itself against Hamas.

Now, however, we find ourselves funding two wars, and possibly getting involved in one of them, and you cannot do that without a ton of money.

More Aid

To that point, Joe Biden is about to ask Congress for another $100 billion to send military aid to both Ukraine and Israel.

From the reports I read, Biden is also trying to put Taiwan aid in the package.

If they do pass legislation for aid, I firmly believe the American people have the right to know how much each country is getting, so there should be single-issue legislation created for each country.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) noted that he expected something to be on the floor by the end of the week.

He stated, “We’d like to get the supplemental package moved as quickly as possible because the needs are great in both Israel and Ukraine.”

I have also seen reports that Biden will be adding border security funding to the package, which is an effort to get more GOP support to pass the bill, especially Republicans who have had about all they can take regarding Ukraine.

The money, however, is unlikely to go for what Republicans want the money to go for. My best guess is that Biden will be using the money to help fund processing for migrants, not actual border security.

I am just not sure where the money is going to come from now that we have to add Israel to the black checks that we keep writing.

I also cannot help but wonder how much of this is planned to try to crash our economy, and it is already on the brink with all the spending this government has done over the last three years.

We need to find a way to end the war in Ukraine and keep Israel’s war as short as possible with a decisive victory over Hamas. With the spending we have been doing, if these two wars last much longer, we are looking at a Great Depression crash in the very near future.

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